Sunday Apr 5, 2020


Director general's Message

Due to its brilliant geographical situation, Anzali Port plays an important role in facilitating the exchange of commercial goods particularly in the field of fuel, ironware, wood, and cereal in the region. The establishment of new management systems and observing customer-orientation principles in this port has enabled the state and private sectors to ideally provide their customers' expected services in the shortest possible time. Benefiting from the advantages of free trade zones, the construction of required infrastructure, closeness to the largest resource of oil and gas in the Caspian Sea have made a unique position for this port unique. The existence of large mines, large steel and wood industries in the Caspian Sea to be supplied to the international markets, especially the Middle East, has introduced this port to local and foreign businessmen and investors as a wood and iron market. With regard to the features and capabilities of this port, through its multimodal transportation capabilities along with the efforts of Islamic Republic of Iran to connect it to the national railway and to the ring road of Anzali, and with the completion of Qazvin-Rasht highway, it is expected that in the future, the capacity of this port be extended twofold to provide port services in the form of transportation chain and port logistics. Furthermore, the port development projects including the construction of new breakwaters, the revitalization of the port hinterland and increasing the number of jetties will increase the port capacity in the future and improve the status of Bandar-e Anzali among the ports of Caspian Sea.