Wednesday Apr 8, 2020


Since humans settled on the shores of the Caspian Sea, without any doubt, they were dealing with the sea and building boats, large ships and yachts to cross the sea in order to trade and be close to other people and benefit from marine resources. Sailors were interested in Anzali gulf for two reasons: 1. the natural position of Anzali gulf and canal, 2. Anzali’s geographical location and its proximity to the commercial centers in Guilan province.

In 1927, under the management of Russia, this port was handed over to the state authorities. In 1922, the first ship was brought to Anzali from Europe by Germans. In 1895, the construction of Ghazian's breakwater with a 750-meter-length and of Anzali's breakwater with a 520-meter-length started. In 1914, the constructions of these structures finished.