Tuesday Jun 19, 2018


General Manager

Extension phone number: 2253-2250



Hussein Cheraghi


  Direct Phone: 44424503
  Fax: 44424503
  Mobile: 09171616715
  E-mail: cheraghi@anzaliport.ir


Preservation Manager

Extension phone number: 2591



Behrooz Tizna




Direct Phone: 44424803

Fax: 44437999


E-mail: tizna@anzaliport.ir




Director of Principle Department 

Extension phone number: 4414-4583



Ahmad Ghafar Zadeh




Direct Phone: 44447680

Fax: 44427860

Mobile: 09111843802

E-mail: ghafarzadeh@anzaliport.ir


Deputy of Administrative and Financial Department

Extension phone number: 2502-2400



seyyed Jalal Golpira


Direct Phone: 44424502

Fax: 44427845

Mobile: 09117220045

E-mail: Golpira@anzaliport.ir


Director of Financial Affairs

Extension phone number: 2564-3390



Kamal Farkhondeh


Direct Phone: 44427983

Fax: ------

Mobile: 09173613573

E-mail: farkhondeh@anzaliport.ir


Director of Administrative Affairs

Extension phone number: 2360



Hamid Reza Zaman


Direct Phone: 44427120

Fax: 44427120

Mobile: 0911135636

E-mail: zaman@anzaliport.ir


Deputy of Marine and Port Department

Extension phone number:2250



Mehrzad Nezhadesm




Direct Phone: 44424503

Fax: 44424503

Mobile: 09113836241

E-mail: nezhadesm@anzaliport.ir


Director of Marine Affairs Department

Extension phone number: 2260-2560



Mohammad Pourhaji



Direct Phone: 44425539

Fax: 44425539

Mobile: 09126788860

E-mail: pourhaji@anzaliport.ir



Director of Port Affairs Department

Extension phone number: 2554-2280



Ali Moradniya




Direct Phone: 44427960

Fax: 44424503


E-mail: moradniya@anzaliport.ir


Director of Safety and Channel Department

Extension phone number: 2518



Elyas Feizbakhsh


Direct Phone: 44992518

Fax: -

Mobile: 09111367936

E-mail: feizbakhsh@anzaliport.ir


Director of Transition and Investment Department

Extension phone number: 2230-2572



Mojtaba Nazari


Direct Phone: 44427782

Fax: 44427782

Mobile: 09111830978

E-mail: nazari@anzaliport.ir



Deputy of Planning and Development

Extension phone number: 2305



Norollah Abbasi




Direct Phone: 44427390

Fax: 44422485

Mobile: 09111363996



Director of Statistics and Electronic Information Exchange Department

Extension phone number: 2567-2354



Mohammad Ali Mohsenpour


Direct Phone: 44427819

Fax: 44427819

Mobile: 09113836241

E-mail: mohsenpour@anzaliport.ir


Director of Education Department

Extension phone number: 2243



Afshin Mohammadpour




Direct Phone: 44427643

Fax: 44427643

Mobile: 09111833765

E-mail: mohammadpour@anzaliport.ir



Deputy of Technical and Maintenance Department

Extension phone number: 2557-2300



Mehran Almasi


Direct Phone: 44424501

Fax: 44424501

Mobile: 09111815216

E-mail: almsi@anzaliport.ir


Director of Equipment Maintenance Department

Extension phone number: 2566-2318



Ali Nazari Shahr Bijari


Direct Phone: 44427756

Fax: 44427756

Mobile: 09113831589

E-mail: anazarii@anzaliport.ir


Director of Installation and Building Maintenance Department

Extension phone number: 2565-2320



Shahram Navari


Direct Phone: 44427970

Fax: 44427970

Mobile: 09111813557

E-mail: navari@anzaliport.ir


Director  general's inspector at ports and marine administration of Guilan province

Extension phone number: 2392



Abbas  Nikravan


Direct Phone: 44992392

Fax: 44427970

Mobile: 09122716213

E-mail: nikravan@anzaliport.ir