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Maritime rules and regulations are respected well in Guilan province


Emphasizing on the comprehensive execution of maritime rules and regulations, he director general of Ports and Marine Administration of Guilan Province has said that:

Controlling and facilitating sea traffic is done under the full monitor of vessel traffic of this administration where the formalities, required presentation of documents for vessels' entrance and exist have been minimized.

He added that all measures to facilitate and accelerate sea traffic are done by Ports and Marine Administration of Guilan to prevent vessels' and individuals' delay. In order to increase the better execution of maritime rules and regulations and cooperation among countries situated around Caspian Sea, he added that the mentioned administration is in tough with these countries where all have been trying to approve the regulations which have good level of acceptance comparing with other international transportation methods. He considered the existence of such cooperation and relationships among those countries as a necessary item to facilitate and accelerate sea traffic. Due to the lack of an equal legal regime among Caspian Sea countries to achieve the mentioned goals, he emphasized on the existence of more cooperation among these countries regarding the issues of formalities, regulations, and international maritime traffic.

Naeemi added that in order to keep order and security and to prevent diseases which affect on general health, on animals' and plants' life, it has been decided that the related authorities control all vessels completely carefully. Anzali with its safe harbor, canal, and dock has always been under the attention of the owners of vessels and goods.

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