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56% Increase in Loading and Unloading of Goods in Guilan Ports / Reduction of Warehousing Costs for Basic Goods During the Sanctions

56% Increase in Loading and Unloading of Goods in Guilan Ports / Reduction of Warehousing Costs for Basic Goods During the Sanctions
The director general of Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province said: "Despite the cruel sanctions and the outbreak of the Corona virus in the first half of this year, the loading and unloading of goods from the ports of Guilan province increased by 56 percent."

In an interview with IRNA in Anzali, Hamid Reza Abaie, referring to the important role that ports play in the country's economy and trade, added: "Ports are the main gateways for the country's trade, and currently 85% of the country's trade is done through ports and by the maritime transport fleet.”

"During the sanctions, we decided to enact laws and regulations so that we could register goods that have not yet been sent to the country," he said.

Abaie said: "Currently, our ports are ready to provide conditions for the owners of goods according to the laws of free and special zones, so that they can carry out the legal process and steps of importing goods into the country after registering the order and unloading the cargo."

He emphasized: “these conditions exist in all ports of the country, especially in the ports of Guilan province, and Anzali port, considering that it is located within the Anzali Free and Industrial Zone, can use these laws in a favorable way for all traders.”

Abaie said increasing the length of stay of basic goods in ports to allocate currency is another way for the Ports and Maritime Organization to help the economy in the face of sanctions. He added: “Anzali Port Administration is helping the private sector and traders by reducing warehousing costs for basic goods during the sanctions.”

Noting that the loading and unloading of goods has grown well this year, he noted: “In the meantime, Anzali Port must be upgraded more than before to reach its true position.”

Stating that the Anzali Port area was originally designed to import the wood and iron, and therefore it was not important to observe hygienic items in its warehouses, he said: “with the change of the port approach from the import of iron and wood into the import of grains, the nature of the port area changed towards the construction of mechanized warehouses and grain silos.”

Abaie added: “in order to keep the grains in the best condition, the Anzali Port Administration disinfected and quarantined all the warehouses of this port in cooperation with the health network in order to provide more favorable conditions for storing the grains.”

Stating that the necessary measures are being taken to fight against vermin in the warehouses, he added: “in case of any problems or issues, the cases will be carefully investigated.”

Referring to the construction and operation of four grain storage silos in this port, Abaie said: “out of this number, two silos of 50 and 60 thousand tons have been put into operation and two silos of 30 and 45 thousand tons will be opened soon.”

He added: “a 35,000 ton silo will be ready for use by the August.”

In another part of his speech, the Director General of Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province emphasized on observing all health protocols in this port and said: “all personnel are required to use gloves, masks and observe social distance. Vehicles entering the port and goods being unloaded from ships are also disinfected and evaluated using sanitation systems.”

Stating that any suspicious cases will be reported and the quarantine system will be activated, he emphasized: “The personnel of the incoming and outgoing vessels from the port and the staff of the port office are thermometed upon entering the office, and fortunately, no specific case of Covid 19 has been reported in this office so far.”

Regarding the import of hazardous goods such as chemicals, etc., he said: "This port operates in accordance with international conventions and guidelines, and the loading and unloading of these goods is done according to special instructions."

Abaie added: "first, dangerous goods are identified and then their loading, unloading and storage in warehouses are done according to the instructions issued by the central organization and with full coordination."

The Director General of Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province emphasized: “in Anzali port, sanitary quarantines are performed for vegetable, human and animal goods and with the coordination of the Agricultural-Jihad Organization of Guilan Province, these goods are sprayed and disinfected.”

Anzali Port with a 100-year history in the field of maritime transport is now known as a brand and has always been of special interest to traders and merchants in the region.

Anzali Port with 13 berths and the ability to load and unload 10 million tons of goods per year is the largest and most equipped Iranian port on the Caspian Sea.

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