Wednesday Apr 8, 2020


The most important activities of the port

In order to facilitate the stevedoring and supervising on the operations for the clients' satisfaction, the administration of port affairs is constituted of two sectors; 1- the documentary sector and 2- the operating sector. To become familiar with the duties of these sectors, notice the following descriptions:


The documentary sector of port affairs

Ali Moradniya, Ali Ali Zade Kayyashi, Hossein Shafi'ee Nejad, Ali Nohe Khan.

Phone Number: 44 99 22 73

The Duties:

  1. Making efforts in order to create order and harmony in the daily duties of the companies located in the sector.

  2. Providing answers and giving guidance to the clients.

  3. Noticing software problems and notifying the Administration of Informatics and Statistics.

  4. Investigating the documents and files of the ships.

  5. Investigating the minute of the meeting for any lose or excess in unloading   and also for the contracts of one way transits.

  6. Answering the mails received by Customs Administration.

  7. Investigating the port tariffs and participating in tariff meetings and congresses.

  8. Following the FAL and CSC conventions and their executions.

  9. Following and investigating the detained files from court and customs.

  10. Being in accordance with Customs Administration and Free Zone in order to facilitate clients' affairs.

  11. Following the observation of legal terms of the Customs Administration and Free Zone by the located terminals.

  12. Supervising on staffs' behavior according to the documented Organizational Citizenship Behavior Methods.

  13. Resisting corruption and bribe and also executing the terms of Health Committee of the Administrative.

  14. Tracking companies' and port's financial issues regarding tariff matters and descriptive disputes.

  15. Tracking the affairs related to unclaimed goods, extra goods, and abandoned goods to speed up the exit process.

  16. Tracking and performing office correspondence.

  17. Conveying the problems to the superior authority and trying to solve the problems.

  18. Inspecting the yards and warehouses hired by companies.

  19. Investigating the documents and forms containing the methods of companies' execution manner and creating unity of procedure.

  20. Making efforts in order to improve the current affairs through holding meetings with the located companies.


The Operational Supervising Sector of Port Affairs

Hassan Rahimi, Babak Roosta, Koorosh Rafi Zadeh, Behrooz Azaad Bashman, Mohammad Reza Toopchi Nejad

Phone Number: 44 99 24 58

 The Duties:

  1. Preparing and codifying the by-law of piloting ships.

  2. Obtaining safety-based loading and unloading method of vessels.

  3. Tracking the enactments of Accident Investigation Committee.

  4. Tracking the enactments of HSE Port Committee.

  5. Investigating the dimensions and norms regarding loading and unloading.

  6. Making efforts in increasing marine traffic.

  7. Making efforts in improving the service times of vessels.

  8. Evaluating the contractors of loading and unloading.

  9. Presenting comprehensive reports from the working process of contractors.

  10. Giving answers to the clients of (marine transit) shipping companies.

  11. Corresponding with marine affairs and holding meetings regarding the required collaboration and coordination.

  12. Supervising on safety clothing, individual and working environment hygiene.

  13. Investigating the operating licenses and the safety of the equipment according to the contracts.

  14. Supervising and investigating the loading status from the yard and warehouse to trucks.

  15. Investigating and tracking the division of proper equipment for different kinds of goods.

  16. Preventing environmental pollutions through regular meetings with the operational agents.

  17. Making efforts in reducing truck traffic.

  18. Supervising on the consolidation and the stowing of goods in the yards and warehouses according to the codified booklet.

  19. Making efforts in order to reduce cost price and exploiting port equipment.

  20. Making efforts in order to improve moral values and resisting corruption and bribes.


The Supervising Group working at night shifts

Phone Number: 44 99 22 90

Hossein Siyahpoosh, Akbar Akbari, Ahmad Ali Nasab, Mohammad Hassan Chaygani, Ali Sayyad Talebi, Seyfollah Masoomi, Jaaber Torabi, Ali Mohammad Irani.


Experts of Port Affairs

Moharam Ali Aashoori, Ali Reza Abdi, Mas'oud Poor Gholami.

Phone Number: 44 99 24 60

The Duties:

  1. Confirming the tally after unloading processes in the yard and warehouse (port and company)

  2. Supervising the consolidation and stowing of goods.

  3. Investigating the issued invoices for the yards of the port.

  4. Completing the supervising check lists according to the functions of companies.

  5. The instruction connector of the unit and administration of port affairs

  6. The IMS agent and tracking the documents and its procedures.

  7. Tracking the manner of giving away the control of loading equipment to clients.

  8. Tracking the clothing and the members of transportation companies.

  9. Guiding the headmasters of contracting companies along the defined regulations and principles issued by the port affairs.

  10. Tracking the lining restrict of port yards and warehouses.

  11. Evaluating the function of companies by sending polling forms.

  12. Investigating the supervisors' reports according to the check list.

  13. Tracking the environment hygiene and providing reports.

  14. Answering to administrative correspondences in the supervising domain.


Mr. Reza Fathi-niya, the officer of oil terminal

Phone Number: 44 99 22 79

The duties:

  1. The agent of marine and port unit's targets and the tracker of the goals and functions of port affairs administration.

  2.   The supervisor for the contracts of oil showers.

  3. The agent of administration and member of ports' oil terminal investigation workgroup.

  4. The CCC committee agent of the administration for participating in the organization.

  5.  Supervising on oil showers.

  6. Supervising on fuel vessels.

  7. Supervising on the yard traffic of oil showers.

  8. Tracking the execution of contract commitments of oil showers.

  9. Coordination with other administrations of the unit in documentary regulation of goals.

  10. Answering to the administrative correspondence in the supervising domain.

Mr. Mehrzad Nejad Esm – Coordinating Expert of the Marine and Port Affairs Deputy  

Phone Number: 44 99 22 95


The Duties:

 Coordinating the holding process of meetings and congresses required by the unit and the administration of port affairs.

  1. The secretary of the port affairs administration meetings with contracting companies.

  2. Investigating and reviewing the codified principles and regulations in port affairs.

  3. Tracking the annually codified functions of port affairs.

  4. Expertizing in the affairs related to clients and determining weakness and strength points.

  5. Investigating the passenger cars' traffic in the port yards.

  6. Performing the administrative correspondence of the administration of port affairs.

  7. Participating in the meetings regarding the preparation and codification of the contract of port affairs administration.

  8. Dividing and determining the duties of the staff of port affairs administration in working priorities.