Sunday Apr 5, 2020



Nowadays, management systems are considered as technological and main tools for development. Human resources are considered to be as the fundamental bases for development. Any kind of stable development can be made after improving human resources. Thus, the importance of human resources is clear for all management systems.

Participative management is one of the most dynamic systems that have an important role in the development of human resources and developments. This kind of management has been proved efficient both theoretically and practically and has been used by so many companies and organizations.

In this kind of management, all personals of an organization theoretically and practically cooperate with different management levels of that organization. In this kind of management, all personals of an organization try to present some suggestions and plans to solve different problems and improve the organizational efficiency. In this way, the management of that organization can apply such a significant source of ideas, plans, and solutions.

In this kind of management, all personals' creativity are respected and applied. This kind of management can improve the personals' motivations, self-confidence, and creativity.  


A system of suggestions is applied in order to use the creativity of each personal for improving processes, developing services, solving organizational services, reducing costs, and increasing personals' participative motivations and satisfactions. 

Some of the purposes determined in this system by Ports and Maritime Administration of Guilan Province are expressed below:

  • Extending participative culture

  • Motivating personals to think in their specialty

  •  Providing the grounds for personals to present their creativity and talents

  • Increasing the quality and quantity of services, improving the affairs for making constructive changes

  • Improving working environment

  • Creating motivation , self-confidence, organizational commitment among personals and preventing their social isolation

  • Reducing the current organizational costs

  • Creating organizational synergy

  • Increasing organizational productivity through improving communications and mutual relationships

  • Increasing management knowledge about business which can lead to increasing productivity

  • Increasing personals', managers', and clients' satisfaction

  • Gathering personals' and managers' ideas for solving different organizational problems

  • Recognizing and removing organizational coalitions for improving organization working processes

  • Identifying creative, curious, and talented individuals

  • Matching personals' and managers' purposes


10 Rules for Destroying Creativity and Innovation in an Organization

  1. Be suspicious against each new suggestion and idea just because of the fact that it is new and have been put forward from lower levels of your organization.

  2. Emphasize that all members of you organization shall pass several levels before coming to you.

  3. Ask other members of your organization to criticize the newly offered ideas and suggestions; this helps you not spend much time on decision making and just focus on those ideas which have successfully passed many criticisms

  4. Criticize all new ideas freely and never appreciate any new suggestion; this makes your organizational members careful. Remind them that you can easily fire them at any time.

  5. Consider the existence of any problem as a weakness for your organizational members; this makes them hide any problem existing in your organization.

  6. Control everything carefully and ask all people to count everything carefully.

  7. Decide secretly regarding your organization changing and renewal then announce your decisions suddenly; this makes your organizational members more careful and fearful.

  8. Be sure that any request for getting new information shall be logical meaning that information shall not be easily distributed. Don't allow that data and information be distributed easily.

  9. Use the slogan of "authority assignment" and participating your members in different affairs and use threating language to force them do your orders fast.

  10. Finally, never forget that you are on the top of your organization pyramid and you are completely aware of all details




Items that should not be suggested in form of proposals

In order to prevent some possible problems, the accurate definition of proposal systems and also limitations, general framework, their dos and don'ts for the entire organizational levels specially for the personnel who play the main role in proposal presentations enjoys a specific importance in every organization which executes the proposal systems.

One of the gaps existing among personnel's goals and demands and the proposal systems of organizations is the non-representation of acceptable suggestions and suggestions with investigation and execution capabilities.

Recognition of suggestible items which personals could represent in form of proposals can be a great help in destroying the foresaid gap.

Therefore, one of the main solutions in the prevention of possible problems is to make the personnel understand that proposal system is not a way for the suggestion of any organizational issues. Otherwise, something called welfare suggestion presentation would happen between personals and the secretariat that is one of the main harms of proposal systems.

Hence, we will discuss some items that are not suggestible in form of proposals:

Suggesting the current responsibilities in form of proposals:

Activities assigned to the person at the beginning in form of his responsibilities defined by a superior authority cannot be represented as suggestions.

Individuals' responsibility description is appointed to those activities that the superior authority could inquire the person in case of any avoidance. But if the person successfully performs the assigned responsibility in a better and quicker way resulting in quality increasing and time saving, that activity could be suggested.

Criticizing the method and standard of an activity without representing any solution:

Suggestion means the representation of an executive technique in order to solve the issues and the discussion of a problem alone cannot be considered as a suggestion; therefore, in this system it is not acceptable to criticize the current method or discuss an issue without representing any solution.

Suggestions related to the appointing or rejecting of personals:

Matters discussed regarding personals' appointment or rejection are not considered as suggestions since they disturb the origin of proposal systems that means disturbance in the activity improvement of the person who does the suggestions.

Suggestions that are obscure and non executable:

A suggestion needs to be clear and obvious. Therefore, the recognized issue or matter and its suggested solution should be explained in a specified manner. Hence, those obscure suggestions and suggestions that do not specify the problems and their solutions are not acceptable.

Presenting a new suggestion to following up the investigation of the previous suggestion and/or reconsideration in suggestion investigation:

Matters suggested regarding the following up and investigation application of the suggestion already discussed by the person and those waiting for investigations are also not acceptable.

Repetitive suggestions:

Suggestions that have already been registered in the system are now considered as repetitive suggestions if they again are suggested by the person himself or others, so they would not be accepted as suggestions.

Criticizing other persons' working manner:

Criticizing the manner of an activity or a process in the working system of organization and interfering in other persons' responsibilities are not recognized as suggestions.

Demanding administrative requirements and items:

One of the most sensitive cases in the representation of a suggestion is to discuss suggestions regarding the demand for administrative items or things like salary increase, advantages and etc. This is a very sensitive and dangerous matter for the proposal systems and it would turn into a serious damage for the foresaid system if it is not correctly prevented and removed. Therefore, these cases are not acceptable as suggestions.

Suggestions that are already put into company's agenda:

Suggestions represented regarding the subjects that are already available in organization's agenda cannot be accepted as suggestions. But it should be said that these programs shall be in written and documented forms.

 Representation of a technique in form of several suggestions:

Sometimes a series of suggestions which only differ in their writing forms and are related to a single issue and have a common nature are put into the system; or sometimes several suggestions are represented for the solution of a single issue. For example, imagine that there are one suggestion for the first field and one suggestion for the second field in case of changing a form. These kinds of suggestions are not accepted as suggestions. But one should notice that if there are several suggestions represented for the solution of a problem, each of those suggestions could be considered as a suggestion.