Wednesday Apr 8, 2020

The Duties of the Department of Education

 In order to achieve their goals, organizations should not only employ talented personals but also should improve their human resources through effective, dynamic, and powerful education.

 Therefore, in order to achieve the above mentioned goals, organizations shall empower their main competitive source, human resources, and avoid traditional management systems which can prevent personals' creativity, pressure, and limitations.

Empowering is one the most important issues in businesses thought it seems that it has been less paid attention. Empowering human resources can increase organizational knowledge, efficiency, and attraction




The main purposes of educating governmental personals are listed below:

*Increasing their efficiency and productivity in providing governmental services through developing job applicants' knowledge and skills

*Increasing the quality of governmental human resources' quality through increasing governmental personals' knowledge and skills

*Increasing personals' and managers' beliefs to Islamic values

*Increasing general knowledge of governmental personals in different social and cultural aspects

*Empowering managers for better performance of their duties

*Educating governmental personals in terms of their skills and job qualifications for their occupational promotion.

*Developing Islamic and organizational cultures and values for improving human relationships

*Updating and improving personals' knowledge, spiritual understating, and insight

Strategies for Educating Governmental Personals

*Creating a strategic mentality, and harmonizing empowering and human resource development programs with the strategic purposes of organizations

*Harmonizing different educational elements in a cooperative and processing approach

*Adjusting educational programs and opportunities with the occupational and organizational needs of personals and avoiding unnecessary training

*Motivating personals for gaining spiritual, material, educational, and occupational improvement

*Improving managers' belief in empowering and improving human resources through education

*Increasing the efficiency of educational programs and opportunities in different levels

*Applying different intra and extra organizational resources and capacities for providing educational services

*Applying national and international standards in educational management

*Applying new management approaches, methods, and technologies for performing educational evaluations

*Assigning different duties of educational directors to different executive organizations based on their administrative abilities

*Focusing on short-term and practical educational approaches

*Monitoring on educational activities of executive organizations and getting feedback for their educational performance.