Sunday Apr 5, 2020


Maritime Search and Rescue

The international Maritime Search and Rescue convention was enacted in Hamburg conference and was enforced on 22.06.1985. As the title implies, it has been designed to create a framework for the execution of search and rescue operations following the marine incidents. Although many countries have been codifying lots of schemes regarding this issue, the international process was conducted for the first time by means of the foresaid convention and was enforced in 1985. The mentioned convention has anticipated the organizing of maritime rescue coordination centers and the coordination levels in shore and also the collaboration methods of some neighbor countries in order to execute search and rescue operations in a common zone. According to the undeniable usage of regulations fit to the conditions ruling on water vehicles' traffic in reducing the dangers caused by maritime activities, the government of Islamic Republic of Iran also joined the foresaid convention in 1994 due to the fact that joining the convention and executing its terms would be a relief to navigators and passengers and also the fact that it would increase maritime safety.

The area under the supervision of Maritime Search and Rescue of Port and Marine Administration of Guilan Province is located on the provincial border and is extended from Astara to Chaboksar. The foresaid area is under the supervision of a main Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre equipped with advanced radio equipment and a subsidiary search and rescue center located in Astara Port. The advanced Naji vessel No. 14 with the cooperation of other vessels provides search and rescue services for the vessels in distress.

The Maritime Rescue Coordination Center with experienced staff is ready to respond to the vessels in need of search and rescue services 24/7. The emergency 1550 phone number is also available to receive marine incident reports throughout the country round the clock. To dial the number, there is no need to dial any area code; this number can also be dialed via cell-phone.

The phone number of Maritime Rescue Coordination Center is: 013-44425540

The phone number of subsidiary Search and Rescue Center, Astara Port, is: 013 – 44838261

Parallel to the execution of Search and Rescue convention terms, Port and Maritime Organization has equipped its ports with Search and Rescue vessels. The administration would provide services related to the vessels in distress by having the following equipment and facilities:

Port Traffic Control Centre: this center supervises and controls the entire movements taking place in port and anchorage zones by means of advanced radars.

Maritime Search and Rescue Boat

Naji vessel No. 14 with a speed of 40 knots and special medical facilities is ready to provide Maritime Search and Rescue services for the staff of the vessels in distress.

Vessel's specifications:

  • Two MTU-type engines with power output of 1007 kw

  • Made in Norway

  • Advanced aids to Navigation and medical equipment

  • Ability to perform maritime activities in unfavorable weather conditions