Friday Jun 9, 2023
PMO/Brokerage Affairs/Types of activity licenses for maritime transport brokerage

Types of Activity Licenses for Maritime Transport Brokerage Firms and Institutes

Pursuant to Article 1 of the By-Laws on the Establishment of Maritime Transportation Brokerage Firms and Institutions, approved by the 47th to 51st meetings of the Supreme Council for Coordination of Transport and also in accordance with the approvals of the Supreme Council of the Ports and Maritime Organization, establishment of any maritime transportation brokerage firm and Institution (private, public or corporative) in order to provide following services to the ports is subject to obtaining a license from the Ports and Maritime Organization:

1.       Shipping Agency;

2.       Loading/Unloading Services;

3.       Counting services;

4.       Water Supply services;

5.       Logistics services (catering, laundry, gas supply, etc.);

6.       Container operation;

7.       Relief and Rescue services;

8.       Diving services;

9.       Equipment supply services;

10.   Inspection of ships and their cargo;

11.   Packaging and lashing services;

12.   Port terminal management services;

13.   Pilotage services;

14.   Transfer of petroleum products;

15.   Providing maritime, port and shipping services to a branch or agency of a foreign shipping company;

16.   Specialized marine job search.