Friday Jun 9, 2023
PMO/Deputy Directorate for Technical & Engineering Affairs/Bureau of Contracts & Supervision Affairs

Introduction and Description of the Duties of the Bureau of Contracts and Supervision Affairs 

The Bureau of Contracts and Supervision Affairs as a technical and legal arm of the Technical and Engineering Deputy of Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province, is responsible for carrying out activities in the field of preparing the contracts, preparing the tender documents for contractors and consultants, reviewing the studies submitted by consultants, selecting the contractors and consultants, preparing the necessary reports, directly reviewing the status report, reviewing and notifying the renewal of contracts and increasing the volume of contracts by 25% and controlling the implementation of directives issued by the relevant authorities.

Contact Information:

Expert in Charge of Contracts and Supervision Affairs

+98 (13) 4499 2886

Supervision Affairs Unit

+98 (13) 4499 2690

+98 (13) 4499 2631

Contracts Affairs Unit, Building Maintenance Office

+98 (13) 4499 2330

Contracts Affairs Unit, Equipment Maintenance Office

+98 (13) 4499 2888

Contracts Affairs Unit, Office of Coasts and Ports Affairs

+98 (13) 4499 2789