Friday Jun 9, 2023

Introduction and Description of Duties of Equipment Maintenance Department

The Equipment Maintenance Department is part of the Technical and Engineering Deputy, whose main purpose is to maintain and improve the level of readiness of port, marine, telecommunications, and firefighting equipment as well as light and heavy office vehicles in order to perform loading and unloading and pilotage services safely and quickly.

Among the tasks of this unit are all operational, supervisory, control, support and management processes in the field of equipment, which are based on standard requirements, organizational requirements, contracts concluded between the organization and suppliers, laws and regulations as well as directives, instructions and approvals and are used in order to provide optimal equipment maintenance services in order to improve increase efficiency and effectiveness of the integrated management system.

Contact Information:

Head of Equipment Maintenance Department

+98 (13) 4499 2566

Superior Expert in Charge of the Land Unit

+98 (13) 4499 2671

Land Equipment Experts

+98 (13) 4499 2672

Marine Equipment Experts

+98 (13) 4499 2448

+98 (13) 4499 2764

+98 (13) 4499 2675

Telecommunication and Flight Equipment experts

+98 (13) 4499 2570

+98 (13) 4499 2253

Contract and Proceedings Expert

+98 (13) 4499 2888