Friday Jun 9, 2023
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Introduction and Duties of the Administrative Affairs Department


The Administrative Affairs Department tries to take steps in order to regulate the office environment and implement the relevant instructions and regulations, as well as to obtain the satisfaction of employees and to achieve organizational goals. This department is responsible for collecting information and planning in the personnel and administrative fields of employees. Through comprehensive and extensive and frequent communication with employees, the use of incentive schemes, the establishment of appropriate grievance procedures, payment commensurate with performance, recruitment and retention of skilled employees, institutionalization of new approaches, recruitment, selection and promotion of employees and also planning in order to properly distribute the human resources in the required units and implementation of processes related to their training in order to improve human resources, this department strives to improve the organization.


1-      Planning and implementing the process of administrative instructions, including: appointment, promotion, transfer, movement, redemption of years of service, evaluation, resignation, missions, vacations, issuance of rulings and relevant notification with the coordination of the manager

2-      Execution of the personnel promotion process and preparation of relevant minutes

3-      Determining the description of the duties of the personnel and communicating it to the employees

4-      Execution of the transfer process and extension of missions

5-      Controlling and supervising the administrative order according to the relevant administrative instructions and regulations

6-      Creating a personal database based on years of service, degree, etc.