Wednesday Apr 8, 2020


  Special Advantages of Astara Port

  • This is port is the most northern port of the country located at the zero point of Caspian Sea coastal lines

  • The closet port to the CIS countries such closeness leads to less fuel and freight expenses

  • This is the only port that has shore and offshore customs frontier

  • This is the closet port to the western and northwestern provinces of Iran which makes it the most economic route for importing to and exporting of these provinces

  • This is feasible in this port to have transship among northern ports which increases national income and trade fleet of Iran in Caspian Sea

  • This port is the safest port for its natural conditions and its high possibility for creating passengers' lines

  • This post annually saves transportation costs up to 10 billion tomans and decreases accidents

  • This is the closet port to Iraq's borders which makes the best choice for fuel transit to that country

  • This port makes new markets such as common markets among Iran and Turkey, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russian