Wednesday Jun 7, 2023
PMO/Other Ports/Astara Port/Measures taken in the First Phase of Astara Port Complex

Measures taken in the First Phase of Astara Port Complex


Construction of the northern breakwater with a length of 470 m

Construction of the southern breakwater with a length of 187 m

Construction of an internal dock with a length of 600 m and an external dock with a length of 850 m

Collecting and removing all stones existing on the northern and southern breakwaters in an area of 700 m for performing different reforms

Land exploitation in an area of 15 hectares

 Installing various Navigation Aids

Increasing water depth from 0.5 meters to six meters

Performing dredging operations with an area of 2 million square meters

Performing hydrography operations in three shifts

Construction of a 130-meter jetty

Installing fenders, car stoppers, and bollards

Allocating a dredger called Astara

Determining a vessel as a pilot    

Determining a building as a marine telecommunication center and construction of a 40-meter self-supporting tower

Providing various maritime services around the clock

Providing vessel registration services

Replacing ordinary utility poles with lighting tower

 Construction activities in an area of 10 hectares (the first phase)

Installing power, water, and gas equipment network

Installing port equipment

Allocating a building as an administration center at the port entrance

Equipping and renewing the office building at the harbor

Purchasing and equipping an administration center in Abass Abad Town

Equipping the port operations hall

Purchasing, installing, and equipping the unit of maritime services

Purchasing and installing a 300-kw power line    

Installing two sets of weighbridges

Providing costal facilities by private sector based on national and international rules and regulations

Inspecting conventional and non-conventional vessels by PCS inspector

Providing the required grounds for using GEOMS software, comprehensive maritime system, administrative automation, comprehensive system for individual usage, and a comprehensive suggestion system  

Approving organizational chart of Astara port

Employing new human resources

Urging the application of safety equipment

Making green areas around the offices and installing the waste bins for dry and wet waste separation

Making a contract with private sector for collecting the wastes

Following up and making a contract with the contractor of medical and emergency unit

Purchasing a fire fighting car and following up the affairs for opening a fire fighting station

Following up and preparing the anti-pollution plan

Following up the process of obtaining ISO certificates

Launching HSE center

Making committees for investigating maritime and port accidents

Fencing a 55-hectar of the port area

Installing different signs all around the port fences and allocating a guard center for Kaveh Company in the northern corner

Following up the security plan of the port by the contractor and presenting it to the port guard

Presenting the security improvement plan of the port by its guards and security officers

Deploying guards and security officers in the entrance and in the central building

Installing closed-circuit television cameras in the port area which makes it possible to monitor the whole area

Construction of a harbor for the maritime police with a 2000-meter area for camping

Construction of a harbor for Iranian navy

Separating port entrance with a separated gate and fencing it

Constructing and equipping customs hall

Constructing and equipping police station and the site of the presidency

Transferring border police  station from the port area to the southern corner and fencing it

Transferring the navy defense base to the southern breakwater

Equipping the office of maritime and port operations and deploying its employees

Determining different server rooms for the customs, police, and port affairs unit

Determining and equipping visa office in the port area

Employing human resources and completing the required organizational chart of the port

Following up the affairs related to improving the conditions for national and international traders and investors