Friday Jun 9, 2023
PMO/Deputy Directorate for Maritime Affairs/The Process of Introducing the Agents of Ships and the Arr

The Process of Introducing the Agent(s) of Ships and the Arrival of Ships to the Port

Before the Arrival of any ship to the waters belonging to the Islamic Republic of Iran, the following operations shall be done.

Before the arrival of any ship to the waters belonging to the Islamic Republic of Iran, its agent(s) shall be introduced in written to the port. The agent(s) shall be from the legal representative of shipping companies.

The representative of shipping company is determined to:

a.      Pay all the port duties, dues, and charges

b.     Provide services for the ship and its crew

c.      Clear cargo 

d.     Accept all responsibilities for paying the cost of any possible damage made by the ship to the equipment, facilities, and the environment. 


Under any circumstance, it is mandatory for all ships to introduce their agent(s)

Introducing the Agent(s) of Ships to the port for accepting all the required responsibilities:

One week before the arrival of a ship, its agent(s) shall introduce himself/herself to accept all the required responsibilities, to present the information related to the ship and its cargo, and to present all the legal certificates related to the insurance and technical aspects of the ship.  Regarding those ships carrying miscellaneous cargo, its agent(s) shall present the Cargo Plan and Stowage Plan besides the above mentioned items.

Passing an ETA Message to the Anchorage

24 hours before the arrival of a ship to the permitted anchorage of the port, its captain shall announce its Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) to the anchorage and the inshore radio station via the Broadcast System of the ship (telegram, telefax, fax, etc.)


In those journeys which take less than 24 hours, upon the departure of the ship from the port of origin, the captain shall announce the ETA and the other ship and cargo information to the inshore radio station.

Arrangement between the agent(s) of ship and the unit in charge of ship arrival

After the arrival of a ship to the permitted anchorage, the agent(s) of the ship shall make the required arrangement with port unit in charge of ship arrival, with the customs administration, and with the quarantine unit.  

Ship Documents Required upon its Entering to the Port

According to the FAL Convention, upon the entering of a ship to a permitted port, its captain or agent(s) shall present the following documents to the Coordination Center of the Port; on the other hand, the port shall also take all the required steps.

a.      Five copies of the General Declaration for the port

b.     Five copies of the Cargo Declaration/Manifest for the port

c.      Four copies of the Ship's Stores Declaration for the Customs Administration.

d.     Two copies of the Crew's Effects for the Customs Administration.

e.      Four copies of the Passenger List for the port and the Port Visa Bureau.

f.       One copy of the Maritime Declaration of Health for quarantine unit.  

g.     One copy of the International Tonnage Measurement Certificate for the port

h.     The original departure permit in the last loading from the last port for the port

The Issue of the Ship Invoice after its Departure from the Port

After the departure of a ship from the port, the agent of maritime affairs in maritime services unit shall issue the ship provisional statement based on the information of the ship arrival and departure, service sheets of tow and pilots, and also based on all the services received by the ship while berthing. The agent shall submit it to the agent of financial affairs unit; this will be the base for issuing the final invoice of the ship within a maximum three working days after the ship departure from the port.