Saturday Dec 4, 2021

Introduction and Duties of the Insurance and Welfare Office

Given that human resources in any organization has a very important role in its sustainability, productivity and development, the management of this department, has always sought to protect, maintain and improve the physical and mental health of employees and take necessary actions in this regard. The insurance, welfare and health department is under the Deputy of Planning and Development of Resources of Port and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province and has the following job descriptions in order to provide services to colleagues:

·         Supervise the implementation of environmental and public health guidelines and assess the physical and mental health of employees;

·         Supervising the payment of medical expenses of employees (employees and retirees) by the insurance company;

·         Creating welfare facilities:

·         Providing the necessary conditions for credit purchase, insuring employees' cars in installments and insuring the residential houses;

·         Providing the necessary conditions for credit and installment purchase from stores of home appliances, stationery and clothing;

·         Reception and accommodation of employees and their families when traveling to religious, recreational and tourist cities of the country;

·         Providing the possibility of using a large sports complex (including standard swimming pool, gym, wrestling hall, boxing and martial arts) for employees and their families.