Friday Jun 9, 2023
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Services Available in the Astara Port


·         Entry and exit of vessels and loading and unloading operations

·         Dealing with marine environmental pollution

·         Control and inspection of vessels

·         Provide information about incoming and outgoing ships to the cargo owners

·         Provide information on exports and imports to the cargo owners

·         Receive and announce meteorological reports to vessels berthed in the port via VHF and SMS

·         Provide marine search and rescue services

·         Providing ship pass services

·         Issuance of entry and exit permits for people traveling in the port

·         Provide radio communication services to vessels on a 24-hour basis

·         Presenting services to vessels for getting different kinds of facilities

·         Supply of drinking water for vessels

·         Issuing licenses for the refueling the vessels

·         Issuance of activity license