Friday Jun 9, 2023
PMO/Deputy Directorate for Technical & Engineering Affairs/Building & Facilities Maintenance Department

Introduction and description of duties of the Building and Facilities Maintenance Department (Civil Engineering)

As one of the subdivisions of the Technical and Engineering Deputy, Building and Facilities Maintenance Department (Civil Engineering) is responsible for supervising and implementing all port constructions. According to the current and developmental needs of the port and with the help of its educated and experienced staff, this department will define the projects and conduct preliminary studies. Then, with the help of competent consultants (if needed) and completing the required study phases and modeling, it will hold tenders and select a contractor. After selecting the contractor, it supervises the good performance of the contractor's and consultant's services in accordance with the terms of the contracts between them. The department is also responsible for controlling and managing the projects, supervising the construction, as well as following up and reviewing the project's credit code.

Contact Information:

Head of Building and Facilities Maintenance Department: +98 (13) 4499 2320