Friday Jun 9, 2023

Duties and Responsibilities

-          Planning, monitoring and taking necessary measures to improve, develop and properly use human and financial resources

-          Supervise matters related to the preparation and regulation of the current budget

-          Control costs and identify revenues and monitor contract execution

-          Supervise the correct use of credits in the form of approved budget rules and related laws and regulations

-          Supervise the implementation of job classification and evaluation plans

-          Controlling matters related to preparing and setting standards for educational spaces and educational assistance

-          Planning for holding and implementing the Administrative Transformation Committee and supervising the affairs related to the notification of the approvals of the above-mentioned council

-          Supervise the performance of the Productivity Committee and the Administrative Transformation and Productivity Council and the Recommendations Committee

-          Propose administrative transformation policies and strategies to the Office of Administrative Transformation Planning

-          Taking the necessary measures in the field of welfare affairs of the employees in order to improve the level of comfort and create an atmosphere of interest and maintain a positive spirit as well as the job security and family welfare of the employees

-          Planning and implementation of specialized and general training courses for personnel

-          Planning and implementing entertainment programs and sports competitions for staff and their families

-          Control and execution of staff job descriptions and supervision of the implementation of administrative order