Friday Jun 9, 2023
PMO/Deputy Directorate for Maritime Affairs/The Comprehensive Maritime System


The Comprehensive Maritime System

Nowadays, all the advanced sciences are equipped with information and communication equipment and basically without the foresaid tool the efficiency of a profession or an industry will be equal to zero.

On the other hand, the importance of sea and its role in economics and in the life of people all around the world cannot be denied so it is something we have to concentrate on. The interests of those countries who own a sea have a direct relationship with their necessities, abilities and culture and in fact the marine policy of those countries is codified according to these features. Therefore, the combination of marine industry and information technology is a strategic opportunity that would turn into a threat if being neglected.

Ports' activities are divided into two general parts; marine and port activities. Fortunately, Port Organization has adjusted the ports to the world's modern terms using information and communication technology. Therefore, the General Cargo Operation Management System (GCOMS) and the Comprehensive Maritime System (IMAS) are the tools for mechanization of marine and port operations.

Due to the fact that the PSC system, as a smart tool, would be in the hands of Port Organization in the near future; thus, it can be said that the Comprehensive Maritime System will come in handy in the shade of this system.  

A review on the executing manner of the Comprehensive Maritime System in Ports and Marine Authority of Guilan Province since 2009 onwards…

  • Providing basic structure including networks and hardware
  • Software installation in the exploitable units
  • Basic instruction by the supporting company's staff since 2009
  • The establishment of the Comprehensive Maritime System's workgroup on 22.05.2010
  • The determination of plenipotentiary agent by the administration for the organization
  • The establishment of executing team including experts and operators
  • The announcement of the basic information registration in the main sub-system (the management of vessels' incomings and outgoings)
  • The establishment of the Comprehensive System's operator in port's control tower and the information registration of management sub-system regarding vessels' incomings and outgoings.
  • The issuance of F form invoice of the ship and ranking first among the ports as the first port to issue invoices
  • One of the great achievements of the Comprehensive Maritime System is the license issuance for the ships' movements which was accomplished in Anzali Port in November 2010

The Current Condition

Equipping a distinct place for the establishment of the Comprehensive Maritime System's team by the dedication of:

  • A manager and a supervisor
  • A technical expert and a supporter
  • Two full time operators for vessels' incomings and outgoings.

It should be said that all the used forces have been supplied from the human resources available in port and marine zone. Regarding to the variety of the sub-systems of this system (9), the experts of maritime zones along with the supervision of the Comprehensive Maritime System's team have been used for the execution of these sub-systems.

*the execution of the entire sub-systems except for the security safety of channels (its license is going to be issued soon)

*the execution of the comprehensive Maritime System and the issuance of vessels' invoices and movement license in the subordinated port of Astara 


News of the Comprehensive Maritime System

Installation of comprehensive maritime system in Astara Port

Due to the efforts of the Comprehensive Maritime System's operational team, the Comprehensive Maritime System was installed in Anzali and Astara ports in March 2015. From now on, the invoice form of the vessels (the F form) and the movement permission of the vessels will be issued via Comprehensive Maritime System in Astara Port.

The Establishment of Management Steering Committee of the Comprehensive Maritime System in Anzali Port

The Management Steering Committee of the Comprehensive Maritime System was established in Anzali Port. The committee consists of the deputy and the chairmen of the related maritime and port unit, the manager of Astara Port, Mohammad Hasan Salimi Pour, the honored deputy of Port and Economic Affairs, and Ali Khedmatgozar, the honored deputy of Marine Afairs, and Mehran Timargoun, the officer of the Comprehensive Maritime System, as the secretary. It should be said that the first meeting of the committee was held in the office of the respected deputy of maritime and port unit in 29.04.2015.

Minutes of Meeting:

Applying for the Execution of the Sub-system of Channels' Safety  and Security

Since Anzali Port has been one of the pioneer ports in the execution of the Comprehensive Maritime System, the idea of the execution of the only remained sub-system of the Comprehensive Maritime System was presented to the honored deputy of the Maritime Organization.

The Presence of the Comprehensive Maritime System's officer along with the deputy of the Maritime Organization and his advisor in the meeting

The meeting was held with the presence of the officer of Anzali Port's Comprehensive Maritime System along with the organization's former deputy director for maritime affairs, Dr. Hadi Hagh Shenas and his honored advisor, Mr. Afifipoor. It included discussions and exchange of ideas regarding the issues related to the Comprehensive Maritime System in the port and some applications regarding to the development sector for enabling electronic signature in the statements of the vessels.