Friday Jun 9, 2023
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Introduction of PSC and FSC


The ground for creating and developing international conventions was provided following personals' injuries, financial losses and environmental pollutions caused by marine incidents. In marine regulations these conventions consider certain rights for countries regarding ship registration, free shipping in seas and safe traffic in coastal waters besides assigning some responsibilities to them. The responsibilities of applying convention terms and supervising on their execution process are on part of the Flag State.

Although the operators and flag states are the main officers for the safety of ships and their accordance with marine regulations, due to the weakness of some countries and owners in the execution of these regulations, Port State Control provides services as an important executive mean with the aim of saving people's life, protecting huge global transportation capital and bringing a clean marine environment.

In summary, PSC is considered as the investigation of foreign ships entering a port by a country's certificated officers of marine department in order to make sure that the ships are in accordance with the international regulations and to boost marines' and ports' safety levels by removing non-standard ships.

Consequently, Ports and Maritime Organization as the government agent of Islamic Republic of Iran in the Global Maritime organization is responsible to execute ship safety standards. It has assigned the supervising responsibility to the independent governmental department of Flag and Port State Control. This department is also seeking to achieve the above-mentioned goals by creating FSC & PSC where some experienced and professional officers are employed in the north and south ports.

Port State Control in Anzali Port

Looking at other countries in Caspian Sea region, one shall confess that due to the weak performance and ignorance of regional countries in the establishment of an active Port State Control and applying more strict supervisions, there are many ships which are far from the requirements mentioned in marine conventions which can obviously result in environmental pollutions. Based on the above-mentioned matters, technical and safety investigations in Iranian ports of Caspian Sea alone cannot be a great help in boosting ships' safety and responding to the pollution caused by them. Therefore, the creation of regional agreements of control and investigation among the countries in Caspian Sea region would be beneficial for the improvement of the quality of these controlling and investigations and for the accurate execution of international requirements.

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