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Deputy Directorate for Port and Economic Affairs

Safety and Firefighting Services

Specifications of Anzali Port Warehouses and Silos

Warehouse Receipt Inquiry System

Activity License

Documentary Services Center of the Port Affairs Department

GCOMS Gateway system

Introducing the Duties of the Deputy Directorate for Port an

Awarding Activity License

General Information

Director General's Message

Anzaliport at a Glance

Organizational Chart


Organizational Mission and Vission

Port's Map

Port Development

Contact with Persons in charge

Bureau of Deputy Director for Engineering and Affairs

Bureau of Deputy Director for Maritime Affairs

Bureau of Deputy Director for Port and Economic Affairs

Bureau of Deputy Director for Resources Planning

Bureau of Director General

Direct Contact with the Director General

Port Address

Social Networks

Deputy Directorate for Maritime Affairs

Dredging & Hydrography

Introduction of Maritime Communication and Tele-Communicatio

Marine Environment Protection

Maritime Search and Rescue

Navigational Marks

Responsibilities of Maritime Affairs

Vessels Supervising & Monitoring Services

The Safety and Marine Protection Services

The Process of Introducing the Agents of Ships and the Arr

The Comprehensive Maritime System

Deputy Directorate for Technical & Engineering Affairs

Building & Facilities Maintenance Department

Bureau of Contracts & Supervision Affairs

Coastal and Ports Engineering Department

Equipment Maintenance Department

Brokerage Affairs

Activity licensing process

An introduction to the Port and Maritime Brokerage Companie

Forms related to the the Port and Maritime Brokerage Compan

Frequently Asked Questions

Instructions and By-Laws

List of Port and Maritime Brokerage Companies

Types of activity licenses for maritime transport brokerage

Investment Services

Free and Special Economic Zones َ Affairs

Investment and Marketing Affairs

Investment Plans

Investment Processes and Forms

Human Resource Planning & Development Services

Introduction and Duties of Finance Department

Introduction and Duties of the Administrative Affairs Depar

Introduction and Duties of the Insurance and Welfare Office

Duties and Responsibilities

Duties of the Education Department

Research and Education Services


Research & Development Center

Department of Education


Annual Report

Annual report of loading and unloading operations

Annual report Performance

Monthly Report

Cargo Transportation Statistics with Vessels with a Tonnage

20 March 2020 - 20 May 2020

Contact With Manager

Other Ports

Astara Port

Port at a Glance

Features and Capacities of Astara port

Measures taken in the First Phase of Astara Port Complex

Services Available in the Astara Port

Organizational Chart of Astara Port

Contact Information

Port's of Iran

Imam Khomeini Port

Boushehr Port

Noshahr Port

Amir abad Port

Shahid Bahonar Port

Abadan Port

Khoramshahr Port



Shhid Rajaie Port

Chabahar Port

Foreign Ports

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