Friday Jun 9, 2023
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Introduction and Duties of Finance Department

Kamal Farkhondeh

Head of Finance Department

Phone: +98 (13) 3292390

Fax: +98 (13) 3227789

Duties of the Financial Manager and Accountant Representative:

·         Supervise the smooth running of affairs in the units under supervision.

·         Computational supervision and maintenance and regulation of accounts in accordance with the law and related rules and regulations and their accuracy and soundness.

·         Supervise the preservation of financial documents.

·         Maintaining government property accounts and supervising the said property.

·         Control over the validity of all expenditure orders issued by authorized authorities after compliance with the relevant laws.

·         Receipt of receivables resulting from the issuance of bills and services provided and payment of balance sheets in accordance with the regulations.

·         Supervise the execution of all receipts and payments within the approved credits in accordance with the rules and regulations.

·         Preparing and sending the necessary tax reports

·         Participate in meetings, commissions and auctions and other financial meetings for decision making.

·         Ensure that payments are made through authorized bank accounts that have been recognized in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

·         Payment of expenses within the limits of approved credits and allocated credits after the identification process to provide credit through financial supervision.

·          Maintaining financial records, controlling financial activities, identifying deviations from efficient and planned performance, as well as managing payroll, inventory taxation, fixed assets, and computer operations.

·          Receive financial reports from units, projects and other managements and review and comment on them and analyze discrepancies.

·         Exercising supervision and control in order to properly implement laws, regulations, instructions and financial directives in different units.

·          Classification of accounts - and, if necessary - classification of groups of goods and coding related to inventories and warehouses, based on mechanized systems.

·          Supervision and control in order to protect the property and assets of the company.

·          Matching activities and performance with approved budgets and deviating analysis.

·         Issuance of accounting documents, including revolving salaries, fixed assets, income of goods and ships, salaries and required correction documents.

·         Receive and review documents submitted from other accounting systems.

·         Prepare and send monthly insurance list and tax returns.

·         Controlling contracts and obtaining relevant guarantees and making payments based on the provisions of the contract.