Sunday Apr 5, 2020


Introduction of the Library of Maritime Administration of Guilan Province-Anzali Port:

History of the Library

With an aim to meet the needs of the personals, researchers, and lecturers, this library was established in the year of 1982 in an area of 100 Square meters which includes 5000 books. Throughout the years, the library has extended its sources.

Membership Requirements

The Requirements for the Membership of Clerks, Personals, and Retired Staffs

All clerks, personals, retired staffs, university students, experts, and researchers of all state and private organizations and companies can use the different sources of this library by presenting their ID cards.

Books on Loan

All books can be given to the applicants on loan except the source books; however, some source books can be given on loan for a certain period of time upon the decision of the librarian.

All magazines except the last volumes of them can be given on loan. 

All books can be given on loan for two weeks and all magazines and the other sources can be given for one week.

If needed, this period of time can be extended.

Contact US

Shahid Mostafa Khomeini St. , Anzali, Guilan Province

Postal Code: 43156- 77171 Telephone: 01344424701

Working Hours

Saturday to Wednesday, 7:30 am to 3:30 pm