Friday Jun 9, 2023
PMO/Investment Services/Investment and Marketing Affairs

Investment and Marketing Affairs

Definitions and Goals

Investment benefits, capabilities and incentives


-          Proximity and quick and easy access to the main production and industrial centers and poles in the north of the country in the shortest time;

-          Reducing the cost of transporting imported and exported products due to its proximity to industrial provinces and the country's capital;

-          Appropriate road access routes to neighboring provinces and the center of the country;

-           Being located on the main routes of North-South and East-West transit corridors;

-          Providing services to all different product groups in the shortest possible time in 363 days of the year;

-          Carrying out 24-hour operations of loading and unloading of commercial goods using specialized personnel and modern equipment;

-          Import center for metal and iron goods, wood and boards in the north of the country;

-          - Grain import and transit center in the north of the country (by creating port infrastructure including standard warehouses and grain storage silos)

-          Equipping with safe pipelines for transmission of petroleum products, which carry out the transfer of materials from the ship to the storage tanks outside the port according to the latest standards;

-          Equipping with edible crude oil transmission pipelines from ship to oil tank zone

-          Ability to transit and swap fuels due to its proximity to Iraq, Turkey, etc.;

-          High comparative advantage in the transit of basic goods to Turkey, Iraq, Armenia, Syria and the Persian Gulf countries through southern ports;

-          Providing focused services in the form of a single window to stakeholders;

-           Possibility of rail transportation of goods by connecting Rasht railway to Anzali Port;

-          Ability to accept all types of ships with high tonnage and draught (8 meters);

-          Possibility of transshipment between the northern ports of the country;

-          Having a passenger wharf and terminal;

-          Proximity to Rasht International Airport (35 km).

Investment Priorities

-          Construction of an all-weather terminal;

-          Construction of Marine Tourism and Recreation Complex (Marina);

-          Construction and operation of 10 MW watt power plant;

-          Construction of edible crude oil tanks;

-          Construction of a dedicated berth for general cargos and container goods;

-          Fuel transit activities;

-          Transit of car containers to the CIS countries

-          Activities related to wood and paper industries;

-          Grain transit activities;

-          Export of minerals;

-          Activities related to manufacturing and value-added industries that are accompanied by maritime traffic;

-          Other maritime economic activities according to the potentials and needs of the Caspian littoral states.

Facilities and Incentives for Domestic and Foreign Investment

Incentives for Domestic Investors

-          Enjoying the legal benefits and facilities of the free trade-industrial zone and providing special facilities for the owners of goods, traders and investors;

-          Having tax exemptions;

-          Ability to import machinery, parts and raw materials for industries without customs duties;

-          Full freedom of entry and exit of capital and profits from economic activities;

-          Special rules and regulations for export, import and customs in Anzali Port Region;

-          No need to issue a visa for entry and exit of foreigners;

-          Special regulations for obtaining charges in the free zone and exemption from the usual charges in the country;

-          Special and easy regulations for registering companies and industrial and intellectual property in Anzali Port Region.

Incentives for Foreign Investors

-          Offer discounts and support for foreign investment;

-          Having the same rights, protections and facilities as domestic investment;

-          Ability to transfer all or part of the foreign capital to domestic or foreign investors ;

-           Supporting foreign investment or the possibility of using the country's banking system;

-          Possession of 100% foreign ownership and the possibility of having 100% of the company's shares registered by a foreign investor;

-          Assignment of land ownership in case of establishing an Iranian company ;

-          Apply a 50% discount on port tariffs for transit goods;

-          Applying a step-by-step discount of up to 50% for the port tariff depending on the tonnage of the imported goods;

-          Elimination of customs duties for the export of products in free zones ;

-          A 25-year tax exemption in free zones;

-          Freedom to transfer currency abroad in the free zones;

-          Complete freedom to withdraw capital and its profits.