Friday Jun 9, 2023
PMO/Deputy Directorate for Port and Economic Affairs/Documentary Services Center of the Port Affairs Department

Documentary Services Center of the Port Affairs Department

1.     Efforts to establish order and coordination in the daily duties of companies located in the port complex,

2.     Responding and providing solutions to port customers,

3.     Investigating the ship documents,

4.     Assessing the minute of the meeting for any lose or excess in unloading and also for the contracts of one way transits.

5.     Review of port tariffs and participation in relevant meetings,

6.     Coordination with Customs and Free Zone to facilitate customer affairs,

7.     Pursuing the observance of legal provisions (customs and free zone) by terminals,

8.     Monitoring the behavior and actions of employees of terminals located in the port complex.

Contact information of the Port Operations Supervision Center of Anzali Port

The person in charge of the port services site:

Seyed Hesamuddin Mousavi: +98 (13) 44992429

Experts of Port Services Site:

Mustafa Khosrow Pasand: +98 (13) 44992361

Askar Nedayi: +98 (13) 44992272

Terminal Operator and Companies Active in the field of Loading, Unloading and Warehousing Operations

1.     Aria Banader Iranian Company +98 (13)44992523

2.     Elham Bisan Company +98(13)44992772-73

3.     Khazar Sea Shipping Lines Company(Silo) +98 (13)44436309