Friday Jun 9, 2023
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Location of Astara Port

Astara is situated on the western coast of Caspian Sea, on the northernmost part of Guilan province. Astara lies on the last borderline between Iran and Azerbaijan Republic.  This city is located in center of Great Talesh, southern Talesh in Iran and northern Talesh in Azerbaijan Republic. Its latitude is N 38° 25' 45" and its longitude is E 48° 52' 19". Eastwards, Astara reaches to Caspian Sea. Northwards, Astara reaches to Azerbaijan Republic. Westwards, it reaches to Ardabil province and southwards it reaches to Talesh city in Guilan province. Astarachay separates Iran's Astara from Azerbaijan Republic's Astara. Astara-Ardabil road is almost in parallel with this river. Except Turkish language, Taleshi language is also common in Astara. Its southern road reaches to Anzali Port, its northern road reaches to Aran, and its western road reaches to Heyran Neck in Ardabil province.

Port's history

This port was built in 1996. It was mainly built as a port for fishing, trading, and travelling services. It has two separated docks: one for fishing and the second for other functions. The first dock has just been completed and used for fishery but the breakwater for the second dock has not been completed yet.   

After the extinction of Kilka, the fishery activities of Astara port have been stopped which means that the heavy financial sources spent on building breakwaters, harbors, buildings, and dredging operations have been useless. Instead, the port became a haven for naval ships.  Due to the geographical location of Astara, its closeness to Zanjan, Eastern and Western Azerbaijan, Ardabil, on the one hand, and the positive role of the port in city development on the other hand, the need for port reforms in the field of tourism and trade have become clearer. Therefore, based on the enactment no. 36895/166265 dated 4.3.2007 of the Cabinet, the application of the harbors existing in the province has been approved in cooperation with the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development.

The contract of Astara port was approved by the board of Directors of Ports and Maritime Organization in 13.12.2008 and was announced to the Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province in 13.12.2008. Among 13 companies, Kaveh Ports and Maritime Services Company won the bid for the management of this port for a period of 40 years following an announcement dated 19.3.2009.

In 17.4.2009, in a ceremony attended by the respected Minister of Roads and Urban Development, the governor of Guilan province, the managing director of the Ports and Marine Authority of Guilan Province, and some other persons in charge, the management of this port was handed over to Kaveh Company for a period of 40 years.