Wednesday Apr 8, 2020


         Development Plans for Astara Port

  • Extending the current jetty for a length of 156 m

  • Making four preparation jetties for a length of 171 m for each one and making an oil platform

  • Making a determined area on the northern corridor and building support buildings

  • Making fire stations, emergency center, and sea anti-pollution center

  • Making roofed warehouses for silo and fuel

  • Improving the current conditions of loading and unloading equipment

  • Transferring the maritime resources unit from the port area

  • Obtaining the license for acting as a special zone

  • Extending and strengthening the northern breakwater

  • Dredging the entering canal and dock at the same time of developing the port and jetty

  • Making a building for guards and security officers

  • Joining to Ghazvin-Rasht railway