Saturday Dec 4, 2021

Marine Environment Protection

Officer: Mr. Naser Tootchi Fatidehi

Phone Number: 013-44992264

Caspian Sea with a surface area of 438000 km2 is the world's largest lake which is located among Iran, Russia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. The economic relationships of these countries have caused various ships with different usages move among the existed ports which obviously lead to marine incidents and environmental pollution.

Complying with IMO conventions (the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) and the international convention for Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Co-operation (OPRC)) plus a provincial plan for oil pollution preparedness, response and co-operation and keeping oil pollution response equipment in stand-by mode would enable the Authority to favorably overcome marine incidents which result in oil spills.

As a national reference for the execution of maritime conventions especially the international Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Co-operation (OPRC) convention, Port and Maritime Organization equipped Iran's entire ports, including Anzali Port, with oil pollution response equipment as follow. Possessing the foresaid equipment, it should be said that the Authorithy is ready to cooperate with other northern ports (Noshahr and Amirabad) and even in a regional level with other neighbor countries' ports besides responding to the oil pollutions in its provincial zone (Astara to Chaboksar).

Oil pollution response equipment of Port and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province:

1.     Oil spill collector boom of Yasin Dredger.

2.     Oil spill inhibitor boom with a length of 140 meters

3.     A WEIR SKIMMER DESMI Skimmer set with accessories

4.     A DISK SKIMMER VAICOMA Skimmer set with accessories

5.     A blower set to blow the oil spill inhibitor boom

6.     Stable and portable dispersant system (fixed on the vessel)

7.     Oil product sorbent sheets

8.     Coastal tank with the capacity of 80 m3 for the storage of the collected oil material from the sea

9.     Waste material carrying tanker with a capacity of 10 m3

10. Oil material refinery with a capacity of 14 m3 per day

11. A 700 m3 barge to collect oil spill in the sea


Equipping Anzali Port with the latest oil pollution response equipment



Yasin Dredger while performing a formal cleansing operation

Oil spill collecting booms of Yasin dredger

DESMI Skimmer with a capaciy of collecting 70 m3 oil spill per hour

VAICOMA Skimmer with a capacity of collecting 30 m3 oil spill per hour

A 700 m3 barge for the storage of collected oil spills by the skimmer

An Oil spill inhibitor boom with a length of 140 meters



Shahid Asadi tugboat dispersant system

A blower to blow  the oil spill inhibitor boom

An industrial refinery with a capacity of refining 14 m3 oil waste per day

A portable dispersant to remove oil spill in small dimensions

2 oil waste storage tankers with a capacity of 40 tons located besides the industrial refinery

A tanker with a capacity of 10 tons to carry oil waste to the industrial refinery