Sunday Apr 5, 2020

Kamal Farkhonde

Director of the Department of Financial Affairs

Phone: 3292390

Fax: 3227789

The responsibilities of the person in charge of financial affairs management:

Supervising on the perfect function of the units under control

Supervising on the calculation process, regulating and maintaining the accounts according to the related principles, laws and regulations

Supervising on the maintenance of financial documents

Maintaining the accounts of governmental properties and supervising on the mentioned properties

Controlling credit supply of the entire expenditure orders issued by the legal officials upon conforming cost articles to the related laws

Receiving the claims resulted from the issuance of provided invoices and services and paying position statements according to the regulations

Supervising on all receiving costs and payments in the approved credits according to the principles and regulations

Preparing and sending required tax reports

Participating in meetings, commissions and bids and other financial meetings in order to make decisions

Taking care of the payments being done through bank accounts that are recognized as valid accounts according to the related rules and regulations

Paying the costs within the approved credits and the assigned credits to the credit supply after passing reorganization levels by applying financial supervision.