Friday Jun 9, 2023
PMO/Research and Education Services/Department of Education

Duties of the Department of Education

 In order to achieve development, organizations, in addition to using qualified personnel, must take the necessary steps to develop, improve, and enhance human resources through effective training of personnel to help them achieve their potential, awareness, and dynamism.

 Therefore, in order to achieve the above goals, organizations should be able to empower their most important source and competitive factor - human resources – and avoid using traditional management methods that lead to loss of employee innovation, increase the workload, and impose restrictions on employees.

Today, although empowerment is one of the most promising business concepts and has become a topic of the day, it has received little attention and is not widely used, despite the many debates that have taken place over its benefits. Empowering human resources will ultimately increase organizational knowledge, increase quality and reduce the cost of products, and increase the efficiency and attractiveness of the organization. 


The main purposes of the Training Government Employees

1.       Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency in providing government services through the development of employees' knowledge and skills.

2.       Improving the quality level of human capital of the public sector by increasing the knowledge and skills of government employees.

3.       Increasing the level of beliefs of employees and managers towards Islamic values.

4.       Developing public awareness of government employees in various cultural and social dimensions.

5.       Empowering and promoting managers to play effective managerial roles and tasks.

6.       Preparing government employees in terms of knowledge, skills and job competence to be promoted to higher job categories.

7.       Development of Islamic ethics and organizational culture based on human values and human dignity and improving human relations.

8.      Updating and improving the level of knowledge, skills and spiritual and insightful attitude of employees.

Government Employee Training Strategies

1.      Creating a strategic attitude and aligning empowerment and human resource development programs with organizational strategic goals.

2.      Creating integration and interaction between the elements of the training process as a process-interactive approach.

3.      Creating a balance between educational programs and opportunities with job and organizational training needs and avoiding unnecessary training.

4.      Creating motivation for self-improvement and improving the skills and knowledge of employees in a self-controlled manner.

5.      Improving the level of managers' belief in empowering and promoting human capital through training and education.

6.      Increasing the effectiveness of educational programs and opportunities at different levels.

7.      Using internal and external resources and capacities in determining and providing educational services.

8.      Applying national and international standards in educational process management.

9.      Using new approaches, models, methods and technologies of management for implementation, and evaluation of teaching methods.

10.  Assigning the authority of education management to the executive bodies based on their executive ability.

11.  Focusing on short-term and practical training.

12.  Supervising the educational activities of the executive bodies and obtaining feedback from the training programs.