Friday Jun 9, 2023
PMO/Deputy Directorate for Maritime Affairs/Responsibilities of Maritime Affairs

Responsibilities of Maritime Affairs Department

The Head of Maritime Affairs Department: Mr. Hussein Younesi

Phone Number: +98 13 449992260 – +98 13 44992560

 The Maritime Affairs Department is responsible for the arrivals and departures of the vessels and providing services for the trafficking of ships in territorial waters and ports of Iran. The most important responsibilities of this department are as follow:

·        Supervising on the responsibilities of pilots;

·        Supervising on the arrivals and departures of the vessels;

·        Supervising on the investigation affairs and registration of the vessels;

·        Supervising on the telecommunication affairs and maritime communications;

·        Supervising on the affairs of Maritime Traffic Control services;

·        Supervising on the affairs of maritime units;

·        Supervising on the appropriate execution of the International Maritime Conventions;

·        Supervising on the correct execution of IMS (Integrated Management System) and S5 in the Maritime Affairs Department;

·        Protecting the maritime radio frequency range in coasts and territorial waters;

·         Managing Long Range Identification and Tracking system;

·        Improving and updating the management of maritime maps;

·        Preparing and distributing safety maritime messages.