Friday Jun 9, 2023
PMO/Deputy Directorate for Port and Economic Affairs/Introducing the Duties of the Deputy Directorate for Port an

Introducing the Duties of the Deputy Directorate for Port and Economic Affairs

Duties of the Port Operations Supervision Department

1.     Supervision of port terminals,

2.     Supervision of oil and container terminals

3.     Port Terminal Performance Evaluation,

4.     Organizing the mooring of vessels with the cooperation of the Maritime Affairs Department and the Maritime Traffic Control Tower,

5.     Cooperation with the port's HSE department

6.     Prevention of port accidents and investigating the port accidents

7.     Investigating the loading and unloading methods,

8.     Provide a complete and comprehensive report on the performance of port terminals,

9.     Responding to customers of the maritime transport sector (shipping companies),

10. Check the safety certificates of terminal equipment,

11. Review and follow-up of the distribution of appropriate equipment for all types of goods,

12. Efforts to promote moral values and fight corruption and bribery

13. Membership in committees and working groups of the port authority and providing solutions according to the assigned tasks.


Contact Information of the head of the Port and Economic Affairs Department:

-         Hossein Sobhi : +98 (13) 4442 7960

+98 (13) 4442 2554

+98 (13) 4442 2280

Contact Information of the officials of Anzali Port Operations Supervision Center:

-         The person in charge of monitoring port operations:

Hassan Rahimi : +98 (13) 44992809Port

-         Operations Supervision Expert:

Behrooz Azad Bashman: +98 (13) 44992290

-         The person in charge of night shifts:

Behrooz Azad Bashman: +98 (13) 44992290

Operations manager of Aria Banader Iranian Terminal: +98 (13) 44992512-44992473