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Mixed transportation is effective in port's performance

A commercial jetty, a 15.000 tons grain silo, a private warehouse and a hinterland with an area of 6 hectares will be exploited by the end of the year, Seyyed Ali Na'eemi stated in an interview.

He also stated that: the execution of these projects would facilitate good transportation in Anzali Port. According to him the building procedure of grain silo has also begun by the private section which lasts one and a half year. The agreement of fuel tankers' transportation to the outside of port is in process by the execution of which fuel transportation to a distance of 6 kilometers would be possible, he stated. Expressing regret about the lack of marine facility utilization culture in Iran, the general manager of Ports and Marine Administration of Guilan Province considered it as an effective issue in the decline of investment in marine transportation. Despite that 93% of Iran's trade take place via sea, the investment of private section is low in this field, he added. In his view, the existence of an export terminal with fridge, sorting and packaging facilities is essential to help the exportation process. We want to establish export gate and terminal in Anzali Port, he said. We are seeking for investors in order to build two warehouses, two silos and an oil tanker, he added. Explaining that food materials import and export is an eternal demand of the country, he stated that the variety of imported grains requires more warehouses and silos be existed in the port. We imported 400.000 tons grain last year while the amount was 140.000 tons two years ago, he added. Although the silos and industrial sheds are controlled by the private section, their supervision responsibility is on our side, he restated. The inappropriateness of packaging and the lack of brands are important issues in field of export and merchants, producers and related authorities shall find a solution to them. He restated that it should be possible for the buyers of the exported goods to follow up any issue regarding the existence of problems or lack of quality.

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