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Anzali port's jetties would reach to 24 in number

By the end of the sixth schedule and according to the plans made by Ports and Marine Organization, jetties in Anzali port would reach to 24 in number.

According to the general manager of Ports and Marine Administration of Guilan Province, as the largest port on Caspian Sea and as Iran's oldest north port, Anzali port plays an essential role in the field of goods being transported via sea.

As the north-south corridor pilot and as a transition port, Anzali Port has the capacity to play a remarkable role as Iran's number one port in export and import of the goods to the countries in margin of Caspian Sea in future, Seyyed Ali Na'eemi stated.

Five commercial and oil jetties with credits more than 100 billion Tomans are being established in Anzali Port in order to the development of the existed activities in the port, he noted.

Jetties in Anzali Port would increase to 17 in number within the next thirty months by the end of the entire projects, he emphasized. Therefore, the annual capacity of Anzali Port would increase to 7.5 million tons that is a noticeable and valuable figure, he restated.

In the current year, by the efforts of Ports and Marine Organization, huge and strategic projects such as port's second pond, passenger terminal and Anzali's passenger jetty with a credit more than 123 billion Tomans reached the exploitation level, the general manager of Ports and Marine Administration of Guilan province stated.

The foresaid pond has been established in an area of 80 hectares; two breakwater arms with a total length of 3200 meters have also been established, he emphasized.

The foresaid passenger transportation jetty and passenger transportation terminal each with a foundation of 1000 m and 1610 m, respectively, have been established as well, he continued. According to him, the opening of these projects also plays an essential and remarkable role in the development of Anzali Port's activities.

Ports and Marine Organization would turn Anzali Port into a full strategic port with 24 jetties, according to the five-year plans made for the development of Anzali Port which is considered as Iran's number one northern port, he continued.

For now, five to seven ships are able to berth daily in Anzali Port in order to load and unload the goods, Seyyed Ali Na'eemi stated.

Personals in Ports and Marine Administration of Guilan Province completely dredge the pond and port's entrance channel in order to facilitate the loading/unloading speed, he noted.

Considering that Anzali's pond is constituted of two parts (sea and lagoon), it always experiences a huge volume of mud, the general manager of Ports and Marine Administration of Guilan Province stated.

Therefore, dredging that is executed by the staff of Guilan's port department is necessary for the safety of ships during berthing, he emphasized

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