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PMO; Ready to Provide Appropriate Mechanisms for Anzali Port’s Capacities

PMO; Ready to Provide Appropriate Mechanisms for Anzali Port’s Capacities
Mohamad Rastad, Managing director of PMO: The Ports and Maritime Org. is ready to develop appropriate mechanisms for utilizing the capabilities of the Anzali Port.

Mohammad Rastad told reporters on the sidelines of visit to Anzali Port Complex: Development projects and operations at the Anzali Port are running well according the schedule. Fortunately, the port of Anzali has handled the unloading and loading of 900,000 tons of cargo this year.

“We strive to take positive steps to improve the productivity and competitiveness of Anzali Port by improving the quality of our port infrastructure and equipment. Some development projects are in the final stages of implementation” said the deputy minister of Road and urban development.

The private sector is welcomed to invest in Anzali Port. So far, 2150 billion Rial have been invested by the private sector in Anzali's superstructure and commodity storage facilities, and another 750 billion Rial is under negotiation.We still have a lot of capacity that we need to develop with the collaboration of countries of the region.

Managing Director of Ports and Maritime Organization emphasized that Ports and Maritime Organization is ready to create appropriate mechanisms for utilization of Anzali Port capacities.

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