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Launching an All-Season Terminal for Imported Goods in Anzali Port / Eurasia Agreement, a Positive Step towards the Development of Exports and Imports

Launching an All-Season Terminal for Imported Goods in Anzali Port / Eurasia Agreement, a Positive Step towards the Development of Exports and Imports
The Director General of Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province, emphasizing the need to set up all-season terminals in Anzali Port, said: "by creating these terminals, we can make more use of the capacities of Anzali Port."

According to the Public Relations Department of the Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province, Dr. Hamidreza Abaie, in an interview, referring to the facilities available in the country, said that the Caspian Sea ports have a good potential in dealing with sanctions. He said: "the capacities that exist in the ports of Guilan province promise that whenever the country needs it, we can act as one of the main gateways for the import of basic goods."

Loading and Unloading of 900,000 tons of Goods since the Beginning of 1398 (SH) in Anzali Port

Stating that in 1398 (SH), 900,000 tons of goods entering the country were loaded and unloaded in Anzali port, he added: "considering the prevailing conditions, we hope to improve our situation in the country's economy and maritime trade and improve our performance as well."

The Director General of Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province, noting that there is a good coordination due to the launch of the Caspian Port, said: "incoming ships berth in the Caspian Port and Anzali Port and cereals as the main commodity and edible oil as the second important commodity enter our ports. In Anzali Port, in addition to these goods, wood and the necessities of manufacturing factories are also imported."

Stating that the export of goods is also done from Anzali port, he specified: "with the coordination made, about 150 tons of exported goods have been loaded in this port and follow-ups have been done so that the incoming ships be two-headed. This means that ships carrying cargo into the country must also carry our cargo abroad, which can be effective in reducing costs and making it economical for shipping companies and cargo owners."

Pointing out that in the past, Anzali Port was used more for the import of iron and the equipment, Abaie said: "self-sufficiency in the production of these products also changed the type of operation in Anzali Port."

Exploitation of 15 new Berth Posts in Anzali Port

Stating that the creation of the necessary infrastructure, such as grain silos and warehouses that can store grain, will cause Anzali port to take useful steps in this direction, he added: “of course, due to the special climatic conditions of this port, the unloading and storage of grains is sometimes associated with minor problems. In fact, given that Guilan is one of the rainy provinces and Anzali is also one of the rainiest cities in the country, this has led to slow operations sometimes."

The Director General of Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province, pointing out that Anzali port has had three berth posts before the Islamic Revolution of Iran, said: "fortunately, after the revolution, with the support provided, we have witnessed good measures in this port. The port already has had 10 berth posts and plans to increase the number of berth posts to 21, and currently 15 of these berths are fully operational. Also, good measures are being taken using the potential of the private sector."

Stating that in order to be able to use the capacities of this port during the rainy season, we must be able to have terminals for all seasons, he said: "these terminals have been set up all over the world and are currently considered as one of the main issues in Anzali Port and we hope that with the use of the potentials of the private sector and by creating covered berths, mechanized warehouses and grain silos will also be set up."

The Need to Use the Potential of the Private Sector in Anzali Port

Emphasizing the need for the private sector to operate in the Anzali Port, Abaie said: "the necessary infrastructure has been created by the government and now the superstructures must be implemented by the private sector. These superstructures (such as grain silos, oil tanks, and the design of value-added factories along with input raw materials) are necessary to attract more cargo to the port."

He said considering that the laws of the free zone also govern Anzali port, investors will be encouraged to invest in this port. He added: "according to the measures taken, 225 billion Tomans of private sector capital has been attracted to this port so far."

Pointing out that Anzali Port is a port-city with limited land resources, the Director General of Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Provincesaid: "in order to be able to hand over these limited lands to the main owners, i.e. the cargo owners  who can play an active role in the supply chain, the cargo owners with high financial capacity are recognized and asked to build warehouses, silos and reservoirs and other necessary items for their own cargoes as well as other types of goods.”

Stating that with the implementation of this plan, we hope to be able to produce goods that can be exported, especially to CIS countries, he said: "in order to be able to use the potentials of these countries, we are looking for transit to them, and what is important in this regard is the existence of transit corridors."

Pointing to the importance of the north-south corridor, Abaie continued: "by connecting active southern ports of the country to the northern ones, the Ports and Maritime Organization can provide the necessary conditions for the supply of goods needed by target countries, especially CIS countries, landlocked countries and Caspian littoral states and on the other hand, it also can provide its needed goods, so this issue needs to be seriously pursued."

The Eurasia Agreement is a Positive Step towards the Development of Exports and Imports

He described the Eurasia agreement and Iran's membership in it as another good step in this regard and stated that: "this agreement made Guilan Province one of its most important axes. The activity of Guilan Province in this union makes Anzali Port play an important role and according to the existing capacities, it can provide export and import services and meet the needs of the member countries."

Stating that Anzali Port also plays an important role in the field of maritime tourism, the Director General of Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province said: "the Ports and Maritime Organization has paid close attention to the tourism industry and has provided a place in the port for marina and maritime tourism. Conditions must be created so that by attracting investors, we can create maritime tourism in this port."

Stating that due to the existence of Anzali Lagoon and the Caspian Sea, Anzali port has always been considered as one of the tourism axes, he continued: "we are looking to select an area of Anzali Port as a tourist area, and in this regard, we are looking to attract investors to construct marine restaurants, develop water sports, develop marina for berthing the cruise ships or private ships, construction of parking lots, etc. We are also looking for a way to protect and exploit Anzali Lagoon so that we can use it in the field of maritime tourism."

Abaie emphasized: "it is definitely very important and effective to use multi-modal transportation in this field."

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