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Development of Maritime Infrastructure in Coordination with the Ports and Maritime Organization / the Need for More Support for Anzali Port

Development of Maritime Infrastructure in Coordination with the Ports and Maritime Organization / the Need for More Support for Anzali Port
The representative of the people of Rasht in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, stating that the Ports and Maritime Organization is in charge of the maritime sector, said: “Any movements and creation of infrastructure in the maritime sector should be done in coordination with the Ports and Maritime Organization.”

According to the public relations of Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province, Jabbar Kouchaki Nejad on the sidelines of visiting the Anzali Port Complex on Tuesday, January 5, told reporters: "Considering that the specialists of the maritime sector in this organization have a high capability, it is necessary for the relevant agencies and institutions to take serious care to solve the problems of this sector in the province and the country so that these obstacles can be removed more quickly and with the development of this sector, Anzali Port can achieve its proper position in the country's economy.”

Emphasizing that a part of Guilan's economy depends on Anzali Port, he said: "By helping the managers of the economic field, especially the Ports and Maritime Organization, we can make the economic sectors of the province more dynamic.”

Referring to some inconsistencies between agencies, he added: "Considering that we are in an unequal economic war, as a representative of the people, we must eliminate the inconsistencies so that managers can quickly flourish economic areas and increase the province's per capita income."

Referring to the successful and appropriate performance of Anzali port during the current year, Kouchaki Nejad stated: “By changing the nature of imported and exported goods from iron and wood to cereals, the Port Authority needed a change in infrastructure, which was able to transform its infrastructure by rapidly updating the nature of the port.”

The representative of Rasht people in the Islamic Consultative Assembly expressed his satisfaction with the positive performance and growth of maritime and port operations in Gilan province and said: “Ports and maritime affairs of the province have performed well and we have witnessed growth in the province's ports, especially Anzali Port Complex.”

Kouchaki Nejad, emphasizing the creation of a covered berth in this port complex, said: "Proper planning should be done by Anzali Port and Maritime Administration to increase the capacities of the port, especially in the construction of covered berths.”

He called for more coordination and support to increase exports and noted that the amount of exports should exceed the imports to witness economic growth in the region and the province.

He also pointed to the role of Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province in providing basic goods and added: “priority should be given to Anzali Port and the Ports and Maritime Organization. This organization is one of the oldest organizations in the country and Anzali port is one of the oldest ports in the Caspian Sea and therefore should be further supported.”

Kouchaki Nejad called further development of Anzali Port very necessary and said: "There is a good capacity in Anzali Port Complex and due to the country's economic problems and oppressive sanctions, this port should be strengthened and it is not advisable to develop another port next to Anzali Port and waste the country's resources.”

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