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Preparation of Ports in Guilan Province to Accommodate Ro-Ro Ships and Reefers with 80% Discounts

Preparation of Ports in Guilan Province to Accommodate Ro-Ro Ships and Reefers with 80% Discounts
The Deputy of Port and Economic Affairs of Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province announced the readiness of the ports of Guilan Province to accommodate ro-ro ships and reefers with 80% discounts.

Mohammad Mohsen Salimipour in an interview with the Public Relations of the of Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province, referring to the provision of special facilities to shipping lines and other stakeholders in order to develop combined and multimodal transport and support and encourage the transport of export and transit goods by truck, stated: “Our priority is to create the necessary conditions for accommodating oncoming ships without waiting in line for berths, an 80% reduction in port wages and tolls for oncoming ships, a 60% reduction in freight costs and a warehousing exemption for the trucks. These cases are among the support and incentives of the Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province.

Noting that currently the ro-ro ships have a maximum capacity of 35 trailers or 80 cars per trip, he said: “This ship travels from Anzali port complex to the ports of Kurik and Aktau in Kazakhstan for 48 hours and to the ports of Astrakhan in Russia and Baku in Azerbaijan for 4 days and 20 hours, respectively.”

The Deputy of Ports and Economic Affairs of the Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province pointed out that since October of last year, 12 sea voyages have been made by ro-ro ships. He clarified: "During this period, the mentioned ship has brought goods from Russia to Anzali port 6 times and its cargo included 570 pieces of equipment and trucks and also it has left Anzali port to Kurik port in Kazakhstan 6 times and its cargo included 143 trailers carrying agricultural machinery, minerals, etc.”

Stating that the fare for transporting a trailer with a driver is equal to $ 1,250, which can be adjusted if the number of trucks is increased or the ship is chartered, Salimipour reminded:" the time of departure of the ship is currently determined by the coordination and planning of Mavaj Darya Shipping Company. In case of chartering the ship or the activity of forward companies in the field of transporting the desired number of trucks, regular liner lines will be created with the planning accepted by the stakeholders.”

Referring to the export of citrus and agricultural products, Salimipour said: “The Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province, considering the provision of necessary infrastructure for loading, unloading and storing reefers, is fully prepared to accept reefers for export to Caspian Littoral States. In this regard, in addition to the priority of mooring container ships without waiting for berth, it has granted a 25% discount on tolls and costs for vessels carrying containers or reefers.”

He continued: “in order to prosper and develop the trade of reefers in Guilan ports, the Ports and Maritime Organization has created incentives and discounts of 45% on THC costs of reefers and also 48% discount on dues and duties on ships and a 9% discount on warehousing costs, which has a significant impact on preventing the imposition of double costs on beneficiaries and reducing the cost of these goods compared to other ports.”

Deputy of Port and Economic Affairs of the Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province, pointing out that currently the necessary facilities and infrastructure for the development of trade of these containers in Guilan ports have been provided and in this regard 68 electrical sockets for monitoring and maintenance of reefres are available in the complex Anzali port and also 28 sockets are available in the special economic zone of Astara port, he acknowledged: “Creation and construction of a special container yard has been done in Anzali and Astara ports. In Anzali Port Complex, this special site has been developed from one hectare to more than 4 hectares.”

Stating that in case of increasing the volume of export activities, especially in the field of agricultural products and citrus, it is possible for trucks carrying reefers from the ports of Guilan province to go directly to the source of loading export goods in other target provinces and after loading agriculture products in reefers  return to ports and loaded directly on the ship without being unloaded in the port and transported to the desired destinations, he said: “there is a possibility of staging (loading) agricultural products in reefers in Galan ports and after that, these containers will be exported to the destinations of the coastal countries by the maritime transport fleet (especially the Daryaye Khazar Shipping Company, which is headquartered in Anzali port.”

Finally, Salimipour, considering the unique and privileged geographical location and capacities of the ports of Anzali, Astara and Caspian and the opportunities, facilities and legal benefits of the free and special economic zones governing these ports, said: The Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province is ready for the development and prosperity of transportation with ro-ro and container ships (especially refrigerated containers) and while welcoming all shipping lines, forwarders, chambers of commerce, transport companies and transporters, traders, owners of goods and other stakeholders (especially stakeholders of agricultural and export products and refrigerated containers) demand that due to the application of special discounts and the creation of infrastructure and equipment required, select the ports of Guilan as target ports to develop and increase their share of trade, transportation and performance through the routes of these ports.”

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