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6 Construction Projects Will be Put into Operation Tomorrow in the Anzali Port Complex

6 Construction Projects Will be Put into Operation Tomorrow in the Anzali Port Complex
With the presence of Ali Akbar Safai, Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development and CEO of Ports and Maritime Organization, 6 construction projects with a credit amounting to 149 billion Tomans will be put into operation tomorrow, Wednesday, 14th of September in Anzali port complex.

According to the Ports and Maritime Organization, Hossein Younesi, Director General of Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan province, announced this news and said: “Out of these 6 projects that will be opened in the Anzali port complex, 5 are construction projects with government credit and one is an investment project by the private sector. The opening of these projects will create job opportunities for 236 people.”

According to Younesi, dredging of the first phase of Anzali lagoon, operation of the sailors' club, major repairs of the sports lawn, provision of shore power for ships berthed in the Anzali Port Complex, as well as dredging of Astara port will be among the 5 public sector projects.

The General Director of Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan province also said about the opening project with the investment of the private sector: “50,000-ton grain silos with an investment of 237 billion Rials and creating job opportunities for 30 people in Anzali Port are among the other projects opened by the private sector.”

It should be noted that Anzali Port Complex, as the oldest commercial port in the country, has always been the focus of merchants and businessmen since long ago and now, with 17 berths, it is possible to unload and load more than 10 million goods per year.

Astara port is the first private port of the country as the only port with a customs, land and water border and having 2 berth posts.

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