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Studies of Ports and Maritime Organization to Remove Anzali Berth are Ongoing

Studies of Ports and Maritime Organization to Remove Anzali Berth are Ongoing
Director General of Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province said: “The studies of the Ports and Maritime Organization regarding the role of berth number 10 of Anzali port complex in preventing the release of sediments in the Anzali lagoon are ongoing and a definite decision has not been made so far.”

In an interview with IRNA reporter on Tuesday, Hossein Younesi stated that this structure has no effect on the amount of sedimentation of the lagoon and the stilling basin of the Anzali port complex, and added: “In a meeting with the CEO of the Ports and Maritime Organization, this issue was raised and it was decided that the issue of removing the berth should be further studied and investigated, and the construction of such structures, their models would be simulated in order to examine their impact from different aspects.”

He said: “If the result of the study is to remove the berth, the organization will do this. This port complex uses berth number 10 as a supporting berth for the parking of transit and local vehicles for the purpose of ship repairs, and loading and unloading operations are not done at this quay.”

He emphasized: “This berth is located on the traffic route of ships entering this port complex, and in case of accumulation of sediment, this organization will be obliged to dredging the area in question. Part of the incoming sediments is removed by the water flow, but the removal of sediments accumulates in this way is the responsibility of the Ports and Maritime Organization.”

Younesi pointed out: Yasin dredger is currently dredging next to this berth to clear the road from sediments and there is no concern about this. The main reason for the dryness of the lagoon is the non-payment of the lagoon water right. When the lagoon water is cut off from where it is supplied, we should not seek to remove the berth or breakwater, but the main problem should be solved.

Some time ago, during a trip to Anzali and visiting the state of the lagoon, the Deputy of Wetlands and Regional Affairs of the Environmental Protection Organization called the wrong engineering of the second breakwater as one of the important reasons for the accumulation of sediments in the Anzali Lagoon and emphasized the need to remove it.

Anzali port complex with a history of 300 years in the field of maritime transport has always been the area of interest for merchants and traders of the country, and today, with 17 berths and the possibility of loading and unloading 10 million tons of goods per year, it is the largest and most equipped Iranian port complex on the shores of the Caspian Sea.

This port complex is one of the oldest ports in Iran and one of the most important and largest ports in the north of the country. Being located in the international trade corridor, such as the North-South International Transit Corridor and Traceca corridor, etc., and it has been playing a prominent role in the transportation industry and trade with the Caspian and European countries for a long time.

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