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Development of Infrastructures and Removal of Transit Obstacles in Guilan Ports

Development of Infrastructures and Removal of Transit Obstacles in Guilan Ports
The Director General of Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province informed about the development of infrastructures and removal of transit obstacles in the ports of Guilan.

According to the public relations report of the Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province, the Director General of Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan, in response to the question of the IRNA reporter, "Is the capacity and infrastructure of the ports of Guilan, and especially the Anzali port, suitable for playing a role in international corridors?" said: Iran's position in at least five international corridors and its pivotal role in the international north-south corridor and the Caspian sea route have made Iranian ports along the Caspian Sea -such as Anzali Port- to be of great importance, and this port became one of the most important highways of Iran's relations through corridors and commercial relations with the countries of Southeast Asia and Central Asia.

Hossein Younesi continued: Investment in the field of trade in Bandar-e-Anzali and the boom in the transit of container goods are also important. Investment in this field and provision of suitable infrastructure in the container terminal sector is one of the most important development measures in order to expand trade relations with the countries of Southeast Asia and Central Asia.

He mentioned the developments in the region and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and added: the increase in the price of fossil fuels and some agricultural products and food, especially grains and edible oil, is one of the consequences of this event, but the challenges that have arisen for Russia and its business partners, as well as the countries that use Russian ports and soil for their business, has provided a good opportunity for competing countries, including Iran, to attract a part of the transit of goods related to transit corridors.

He added: providing container terminal infrastructure, such as container transportation equipment, refrigerated container terminal logistics infrastructure, supporting the elimination of the lack of Ro-Ro vessels, the lack of container shipping lines, and the quick connection of Anzali and Caspian ports to the rail network can be effective in achieving the pivotal role of Anzali Port in international corridors.

He emphasized that not focusing on removing obstacles will destroy this exceptional opportunity due to the existence of suitable infrastructure in other countries, including Georgia and the imminent launch of Anaklia port with a capacity of 900,000 TEU, as well as the ports of Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

Younesi stated that the creation of multi-purpose cold storage facilities, Ro-Ro berths, the formation of international transport and export management companies (combination of public and private sector companies), reducing the costs of transportation and storage of goods in ports and points of entry and departure of the province, the establishment of the irradiation center for agricultural-fisheries products of the province and the country in order to increase the shelf life of the goods and the establishment of an institution consisting of relevant bodies in order to accelerate and facilitate the transit and logistics processes, which has the ability to make final decisions, are among the cases that can turn the ports of Guilan into the vital highway of the country's international corridors.

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