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Commemorating World Maritime Day and Honoring Exemplary Seafarers of Guilan Province

Commemorating World Maritime Day and Honoring Exemplary Seafarers of Guilan Province
Commemoration and ceremony of World Maritime Day and honoring the exemplary seafarers of Guilan province was held in the presence of maritime bodies of the province at Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan province.

According to the public relations report of the Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan province, Hossein Younesi said in the commemoration ceremony of the World Maritime Day, pointing out that this day is to honor the seafarers of commercial, military and fishing vessels, and stated: seafarers are very important for the International Maritime Organization (IMO), in such a way that in the Convention on the Standard Training of Seafarers (STCW), except for World Seafarers Day, another day has been chosen as Seafarer's Day.

Referring to the hardships of seafarers during the outbreak of the corona virus pandemic, he noted: seafarers did not stop working for a moment to set the economic wheels of the country in motion during this difficult time, and some seafarers spent months and even more than a year in foreign ports. Due to corona restrictions, they were not able to get off the ship and suffered a lot of hardships.

The Director General of Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan province stated that the World Maritime theme for 2022 is "New technology for Greener Shipping", and noted that the rules and regulations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) are moving towards protection and compatibility with the environment.

Stating that in line with the slogan of the World Maritime Organization, good actions have been taken in the Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province, Younesi clarified: the establishment of the ISO 50001 system in line with energy management and energy optimization, as well as the coastal electrification project to the ships berthed at the docks of Anzali Port Complex with the aim of protecting the environment and the well-being of seafarers can be mentioned.

In another part, he pointed to the establishment of unlimited academic maritime courses in Guilan province and admitted: We have many applicants in Guilan province who migrate to other provinces to continue their education in maritime courses. For this reason, we plan to launch the mentioned courses through Guilan University.

He also asked the Caspian Shipping Company to participate in this very important matter regarding the internship of ocean-going students in the Caspian Sea.

The Presence of 650 Seafarers in the Caspian Sea shipping complex

Cambiz Jahanbani, the CEO and member of the board of directors of the Caspian Sea Shipping Company, also congratulated the World Maritime Day on this occasion and said: The shipping and maritime transport industry is the driving force of economic development in the world, which is made possible by the efforts of seafarers.

He continued: The basic goods of the countries are transported by sea, and many seafarers are trying to play a role in providing goods in their own country by enduring many hardships.

Jahanbani stated that there are 650 seafarers serving in the Caspian Sea Shipping complex, and reminded: seafarers are the pioneers of the world economy and trade, and these ceremonies make their efforts appreciated. Here, I would like to acknowledge and thank the Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province for holding the World Maritime Day ceremony.

The CEO of the Caspian Sea Shipping Company considered human capital to be one of the most important organizational advantages and elements of successful organizations in the world and said: "Organizations in the world are successful that have invested in their human capital, and in this regard, shipping today has the most experienced seafarers.

He supported the Guilan seafarers training department and stated: We support the field of training and strengthening seafarers with all our strength and we hope that specialized and training courses will be held in Guilan as soon as possible. In this regard, we will use the services of trained specialists in Guilan who will be present in the engineering and officer department.

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