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Anzali Port Complex can be the Driving Engine of the Comprehensive Development of the Country / Turning Anzali Port into an Export Hub of the Country

Anzali Port Complex can be the Driving Engine of the Comprehensive Development of the Country / Turning Anzali Port into an Export Hub of the Country
In his visit to the Anzali port complex, stating that the Anzali port complex can be the driving engine of the country's comprehensive development, the Deputy Minister of Economy of the Interior said: Anzali port complex has a good future and can become the country's export hub.

According to the public relations report of the General Directorate of Ports and Maritime Affairs of Gilan Province, Mohsen Koushesh Tabar, on the morning of Thursday, October 27, while visiting the infrastructure and capabilities of the Anzali Port Complex, referring to the important role of the Anzali Port Complex in the commercial corridors of the region, said: In all the provincial trips, the president emphasizes on establishing communication between the border provinces and the neighboring countries, and this is being followed up well in the ports of Guilan.

Referring to the ancient history of the Anzali port complex, he added: Northern countries have always been looking for a way to access open waters through Iran that with the targeting of the president and the group of economic managers of the country, the presence of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the new commercial arenas of the region such as "Shanghai" has been provided and this can return the Anzali port complex to its original position.

Stating that by realizing this, we can pay tribute to Anzali port and this means good planning by equipping Anzali with new equipment, the Deputy Minister of Economy pointed out: According to the needs of the Caspian Sea countries, the Anzali port complex should be equipped as soon as possible, and there should be diversification in the cargo transportation sector, because this port can be the driving force of the country's comprehensive development.

Saying that we should be able to take advantage of the private sector's investment opportunities and provide a better role for Anzali Port in the transportation of goods and especially the transit of goods, Kourosh Tabar stated: the export of agricultural products has been one of the constant demands of our northern countries, which we can provide with regard to the existing infrastructure for the Anzali Port Complex so that this port becomes the hub for the export of agricultural products in the country.

He considered economic diplomacy with the neighbors as one of the plans of the 13th government and said: Considering the government's plans and the capabilities of the Anzali Port Complex, the possibility of moving goods by rail and connecting this complex to the country's rail network should be provided as soon as possible and as the government, we will facilitate the law and regulations.

The Economic Deputy Minister of the Interior praised the Ports and Maritime Authority of Guilan Province and Guilan Governorate and continued: Proper planning has been done, but it should be accelerated, and this shows that Anzali Port Complex will have a good future.

Saying that Anzali Port provides a good study ground for universities to use the capacities and get more knowledge, Kourosh Tabar acknowledged: We want the private sector and investors interested in the sea-oriented economy to visit the capacities of this port and observe the provided space because scientific, research, academic centers and think tanks can also move their study programs towards identifying these capacities.

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